Baby room

Where many children start their journey with us, our baby room is a happy environment, with facilities for nappy changing, naps, meals, and snack times.

This may be the first time you have left your baby in someone else’s care and we work to assure you that we offer a safe, secure environment, and love to give all babies plenty of individual attention.
We work with you to ensure we work alongside you through all stages of your child’s development, and we provide daily feedback so you know exactly what your baby has been up to, including: what your child has eaten, when they have slept and what activities they have been doing.
We offer a home full menu of home cooked food and we adapt to your child’s specific needs, whether they are weaning, have a food allergy, are breast or bottle fed.
Our baby room sees a lot of fun, stimulating activity throughout the day, including sensory play, music and movement, and outdoor play.</h5